Help! I don't know where I am!

Each location was individually picked because of its history, its importance or because it's just plain cool. Sometimes, you see obvious landmarks. Other times, you will be transported to areas you need to explore. Move around! Look up/down and zoom in/out. Estimate when it was made. By whom? What areas of Earth might have those features? Are there people around? What are they wearing? What signs and languages do you see? Having a good knowledge of history, geography and architecture sure help! Here are some recommended tools to keep ready: the Google search engine, Google Translate, and a list of flags of the world. For some of the most difficult locations, look carefully for hidden clues. And, if you still don't know...take a guess!

A location I visited was amazing! How do I learn more about it? 

Learning is the reason the game was created! We live in an incredible world and there’s so much to explore! If you would like to read about a place, click the button at the end of the round or on the summary screen. You can also click on the thumbnails to revist. Walk around and discover all you can. The more you learn, the higher your score can be next time!

What’s the highest possible score?

50,000 points. However, it’s very difficult to earn that amount. You must select all five exact locations in under 10 seconds. The highest achievers will be invited to put their initials on the leader board. If you're truly the best, you will be one of the very few to see the champion Rosie trophy.

Is Rosie a real dog?

She sure is! And she really does love to travel. You can see a photo of her here.

How can I get my own Rosie merchandise?

At the end of each game, you will be given the chance to visit the Rosie store for t-shirts, mugs and more! There's also a link on the toolbar to get you shopping.

How many unique locations does Rosie visit?

About 1000! It's rising every day with player suggestions! Submit your own here.

Who created the game?

Find Rosie is a reflection of the idea itself. A team of technicians dreamed up the concept, but they couldn’t do it alone. Many talented people from across the continents contributed to the effort. This includes a team of programmers from India, a graphic artist from Bulgaria, a designer from the United States, a designer from Indonesia and three incredible students who scoured the planet to find locations. And…people from all over the world keep offering great places to visit!